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The following is a series of 4 videos that were recorded during Dr. Harrison's presentation in Los Angeles in February 2010. These "must see" videos provide clear insight into the future of recruitment - available now in the HA system.

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Video 1 - Duration: 21:21 File Size: 104mb

In the first video, Dr. Harrison explains what you need to know to achieve accurate assessment and why it is so critical to your competitive edge. The subjects include:

•  How to achieve comprehensive assessment and thus ensure you hire the best candidates.

•  How to predict and develop success behaviors using Job Success Formulas.

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Video 2 - Duration: 21:20 File Size: 102mb

Dr. Harrison walks through how to structure an assessment such that it is fully integrated with the recruitment process and how to save up to 80% of time normally taken to hire a new employee. It includes:

•  Why work preferences and interests need to be measured along with personality in order to predict retention and performance.

•  How to achieve a complete mapping between the employee's/candidates needs and the companies needs.

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Video 3 - Duration: 19:41 File Size: 109mb

Dr. Harrison talks about the traits that relate to success as well as the traits that hinder success as related to specific jobs. It includes:

•  Why you can't predict success without accurately measuring traits that could hinder success for the specific job.

•  Why Paradox Technology™ is highly effective for measuring negative traits.

•  How to use benchmarking to define your success formula.

•  How to know an applicant's likelihood of success in a job.

•  How to easily convince a great candidate to work for you.

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Video 4 - Duration: 21:57 File Size: 97mb

In the final video, Dr Harrison explains the differences between personality assessment and work-based suitability and how work-based suitability is more legally defensible, correlates to work performance, helps to eliminate bias and how the results can cross cultures. Dr Harrison also covers:

•  Harrison Assessments' Enjoyment-Performance Methodology.

•  How negative behaviors can be identified with the use of Paradox Technology™.

•  How the Harrison Assessments' "How to Manage, Develop & Retain" report can help managers better understand their employees.

•  How the Harrison Assessments' "Develop by Position/Trait" report can significantly help individuals improve in areas they are deficient.

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